Missing Gold Mining and Friends

Tweet It’s been several weeks since we left Happy Camp and we’re missing it so much.  The breathtaking mountains of pine trees, the roar of the Klamath River, the sound of the salmon jumping out of the water and especially our friends, who we love so much.  Cliff and Sandy, Rip Ripple and Montine have […]

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The Mega Gold Nugget

Tweet Holy crap!  Today we found a 4.7 pennyweight gold nugget!  I started digging below a huge piece of bedrock that was sticking out of the sand and followed it down toward the river.  I dug down about 10 inches and took a few shovels of sand to pan out.  As I was panning, I […]

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A Day of Sniping

Tweet While the big boy gold miners are out with their fancy suction mining dredges, Sandy and I put on our wetsuits and decided to snipe by hand with our manual hand dredges.  Basically, a long tube with a hand that sucks up gold-bearing material from the bottom of the river and deposits it into […]

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Hitting the Road For New Gold Mining Adventures

Tweet Wow, it’s been a year since we began our last gold mining adventure!  It was a new beginning for us and we weren’t sure what was ahead for us.  As it turned out, it was an awesome adventure and we made so many wonderful new friends. June, 2013 – Life is what happens when […]

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A Weekend at the Club Outing

Tweet This weekend was very busy, lots of fun and productive.  We were asked to be helpers at the Club’s weekend outing and help newcomers with panning, digging, what to look for, etc.  There were 41 people in all and we had a blast.  Everyone worked so hard and really got into it.  We started […]

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A Weekend In The Field

Tweet This weekend will be a busy one for us.  The Club asked us to be helpers for the monthly gold mining outing that takes place at the Mega Hole.  Today, we basically help set up the equipment, dig test holes then show the beginners how to pan and dig and look for the right […]

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The Redwood Forest and Crescent City Day Trip

Tweet Yesterday was a day of rest for us and we took a road trip to Crescent City, a small crabbing town on the ocean.  We needed a break from the heat and work and although it was a 2 hour drive, it was nice to  Much of it is made up of piers and […]

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Oh My Aching Back

Tweet Well, for two women in their 50′s, we’re sure kicking some serious ass!  I’ve never worked so hard in my life and I’m absolutely loving it.  Being outdoors is my passion and I’m in my element here, among the beautiful and trees, but since we’ve been here, we’ve been going every single day, except […]

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The results of our latest clean-out from the Mega Hole – the best day yet!

The Secrets of Elk Creek and Rip Ripple

Tweet Yesterday we set up the high banker and ran 6 classified buckets of dirt and we got some very nice gold in the end.  We brought our concentrates (what you get out of the high banker after you clean it out – so 6 buckets of dirt = about 1/2 gallon of gold-bearing concentrates) […]

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Grants Pass and Heaven On Earth

Tweet Today was a day off for us, kind of.   It was still a day of busy activity, just not gold mining. The plan was to go to Grants Pass in Oregon to the Walmart supercenter for some much-needed provisions.  We also planned to treat ourselves to lunch and an oil change.  It was a […]

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